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BE A Magnanimous PERSON…

Thomas Aquanis "Magnanimous people concern themselves with achieving great and hard-won acts of virtue..." I read this quote and it make me think about my own personal life.  I asked myself, "Do I always present the real me or some cheap fake version of who I really am?  Do I alter my performance and dummy [...]

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Late one night, I watched a particular television series that dealt with a group of people who were incarcerated. One of the characters began to explain his story and the reason for his incarceration. He stated that he entered a home and saw some baseball cards of which he did not believe to be worth [...]

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5 Keys To Being a Good Friend?

  [dropcaps] R [/dropcaps] elationships are key to going to the next level in your life. Relationships are like jobs, they must be worked in order to function properly. Relationships are like stocks, they require time to mature and so that they can produce a return to the investor. Your tomorrow is deeply impacted by how [...]

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What Kind of LOVE is This?

I have been teaching on relationships for some time now. Often times, relationships can get confusing. We say we love each other and many use the word "love" as if it replaces "like". What do you mean when you use the word love? We need to be clear on the words we say. Our words [...]

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Why Are We Here?

  9's Creator left behind a revelation, a recording of His intent for His creations, so they may understand their purpose and His plan. This revelation was the only source of truth in 9's universe, and it was only by seeking this truth that 9 could understand why he and the others had [...]

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4 Reasons Why You Should Plant Trees!

I read a quote the other day that said, “The best time to plant a tree was yesterday, and the second best time to plant a tree is today!” This quote speaks to one’s ability to change the face of tomorrow. I know that is hard to believe for some people but think about it [...]

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Sometimes life is like Flight 307. Flight 307 took an unexplained divergent turn away from its destination. I'm so glad Jesus knows how to find us when we get lost. Stay on course folks! Never give up on your dreams and visions for your life. I know it gets challenging at times but keep pressing. [...]

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Daily Life

LIFE is a daily gift from God. Our Heavenly Father intricately designs each day, so don't just rip the wrapping off. Slow down and enjoy the challenges like kid on Christmas. Often times we get so frustrated, we fail to unpack all of the blessings of each day. In fact, many of us have 1/2 [...]

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