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Welcome to the world of Dr. Sean Holland: Artist, Keynote Speaker, and Life Coach. He is a proud husband of 26 years, and a father of 4. Dr. Holland has inspired people to pursue their dreams and helped them to discover their true identity. Dr. Holland has mentored entrepreneurs, millennials, para-church leaders, and others for over 20 years.

The Areas of My Expertise

Sean has traveled around the world and is known as a dynamic keynote speaker, a national recording artist and chaplain appointed to United Nations – ECOSA. Some know him as Dr. Holland, others call him “Elder” and to others he is “Mr. Jazz” but no matter the title or position he has carried, his mission is to ispire others.

Keynote Speaker 97%
Musician 90%
Life Coach 95%


Sean has been a voice of wisdom, reason, and truth for many years. His interdisciplinary expertise across business, finance, education, political, and faith-based arenas makes for a dynamic presentation that yields sound insight each time he graces the stage. As a trusted mentor, his counsel is invaluable to the many lives he touches day in and day out.

Mel Mills

Mel Mills

Digital Marketer

In my years of public speaking in various settings, I have not found anyone as capable and captivating in reaching an audience as Dr. Sean Holland. His knowledge, passion, and relatability create an atmosphere where people are informed, inspired, encouraged, and challenged to attempt things that once seemed impossible. If you are looking for a speaker that will elevate your organization’s creativity and expectation, Dr. Holland delivers.

Rev. Dr. Walter Gibson

Rev. Dr. Walter Gibson

Senior Pastor

Dr. Sean Holland is an excellent speaker. He always brings his energy, knowledge, and passion to everything he does. He is one of the most informed and articulate speakers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. I myself have learned so many things from this man. If you want a keynote speaker who brings passion and keeps everyone wanting more, Dr. Sean Holland is the speaker for your organization.

Kyle Lambright

Kyle Lambright


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