In 2003, Sean co-founded VISION, a Michigan State University (M.S.U.) student organization. To-date VISION continues to equip students with the social and emotional skills necessary to lead and thrive in purpose. Sean expanded the VISION model to Lansing Community College, Western Michigan University, Cooley Law School, Kettering University of Flint, MI, Kamar College of Colorado. As a result, Sean has mentored and equipped hundreds of students and raised leaders who now serve globally.

Dr. Sean Holland gives a new definition of “Mentorship”. I have known him for about a year and 1/2 and one thing I have learned is my PURPOSE. He gives practical tools to find one’s purpose and motivates one to live out that purpose every day.
Sidney Troope

Sean has inspired people to pursue their dreams and helped them to discover their true identity. Sean has mentored entrepreneurs, millennials, para-church leaders, and others for over 20 years.